Hygge moments

After getting to know more and more about the Danish way of living a happy life, I decided to concentrate on the relaxing and fulfilling experiences of my life. Here are all the things that I did in the these days to achieve hygge:

I went to the Botanical Garden in my town to walk alongside butterflies and took their pictures.
I went to the local market to buy beautiful vegetables and then made a nice meal of them.
I went to my favourite confectionery with my best friend to talk through our problems in the afternoon.
I took a walk late at night in the streetlight-lit town.
I made a fancy lemonade at home and curled up in my armchair and just relaxed.
I went to see the magnolia trees blossom.
I was watching the sun go down while I was on vacation at the Adriatic Sea.
I went to my parents’ garden to harvest raspberries and then ate as much as I could.
I painted a painting.
I was playing with my grandmother’s cat.
I was reading one of my favourite books in bed with a cup of tea.

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