Lush II.

After my very first visit to a Lush store in Budapest I grew to like the brand very much and started experimenting with several types of their products. Click here if you are interested in my first impression. Here are the products I tried:

This is actually a solid shampoo bar that was made from sea salt, algaes with lemon scent. I asked the shop assistant what she recommended for my hair that gets greasy quickly. The bar lasted for 40 washes alltogether. It may seem like a wierd way to wash your hair but this product foams very quckly, takes up a small place in your bathroom and has no packaging.

Mask of Magnaminty
This face and body mask contains peppermint oil that gives a very refreshing feeling with honey and milk, that are both great for hydration. I use this product once a week for 15-20 minutes and it has a great cleaning and softening effect. One of my favourite products!

Over and over
Of course I had to try new bathbombs! Over and over has a citrus smell from lemon and fennel. It gives chearful yellow and orange colours to your bath. I recommend it in summer when it can be more refreshing.

Charity Pot
If you buy this hand- and bodycream, Lush expend all the incomes to orgranisations that fight for the environment. The cream has a very nice texture and it hydratesthe skin  well. It contains olive oil, jojoba oil and shea butter.

Buck’s Fizz (the orange one on the picture)
This is a packaging free body conditioner you can use during shower. Use the product as a soap on your skin and only wash it off a couple of minutes later. At first I considered it wierd but my skin became very soft at the end. It works like a lotion but it is better than using a shower gel because that dries the skin. The product contains grapefruit and orange blossom oil.

I have to say this is the best bath bomb ever! After releasing yellow, blue and purple colours to the bath, the remaining water will look just like the night sky: dark blue with glitter that looks like millions of stars. Absolutely magnificent! The bomb has an amazing smell from grapefruit and peppermint oil.

What do I think now about Lush products?
After the third (or fourth?) round of shopping at Lush, I generally think that products may be more expensive but have better quality than others. I will regularly use the solid shampoo bar and the face mask, they are absolutely fantastic!

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