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My previous photography projects:
-1 birthday party
-1 wedding reception
-4 child photo shoots
-2 dance classes
– 1 portrait photo shoot at Buda Castle

Lady Fraise website in numbers:
– 2017: 1.1K visitors from 52 countries with 4K views
– 2018: 1.6 visitors from 76 countries with 5K views
– Lady Fraise Instagram started in April 2017 and has reached 2.6K followers
– the content of Lady Fraise Instagram has reached 40K likes in 2017

Connection to major organisations:
– Lady Fraise website is in the Affiliate Partner Program of and

The things that I’m very proud of in connection with my Instagram account:
– Elle Hungary shared my Instagram photo about their April’s issue and the Editor-in-chief, Lívia Liptai commented on my picture (16.04.2018)
– the official memorial Instagram of Frida Kahlo liked my picture of the Frida Kahlo exhibition in Budapest (04.09.2018)
– Lush Croatia, Lush Allee and Lust Westend liked my picture of a Lush bathbomb (10.08.2018) and Lush Westend liked another one (15.09.2018)
– Hungarian National Gallery liked five of my photos I took of the Frida Kahlo exhibition (09.08.2018, 12.08.2018, 24.08.2018, 28.08.2018, 04.09.2018)
– liked my Instagram photo about St. Stephen’s Day celebration (23.04.2017)
– Poket Zsebkönyvek liked two of my pictures of their book vending machines (26.04.2018 and 07.08.2018)
– Red Bull Polska liked my photo of Poland (31.07.2017)
– O’Neill Hungary liked two of my pictures about Hungary (02.05.2018 and 06.05.2018)
– Hungarian band, Hiperkarma liked the picture I took on their concert (31.08.2018)
– Hungarian band, Szabó Balázs bandája liked the picture I took on their concert (20.09.2018)
– photographer Zsombor Szőlősi  liked and commented on my picture of a macaron pie (29.04.2018)
– blogger Viola Anna Molnár liked two of my pictures of Szeged (27.07.2018, 08.08.2018)
– my photos often get shared by travelling accounts

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