Ant-Man and the Wasp in 4D

‘I do some dumb things, and the people I love the most – they pay the price.’ /Scott Lang in Ant-Man and the Wasp/

What is this movie about?
First of all you have to check out the first Ant-man movie to fully understand this one. Scott Lang /Paul Rudd a.k.a. Phoebe’s boyfriend, Mike from Friends/ has been under house arrest for three years. On the last week of his penalty he faces a serious decision. Becoming a free man or taking a huge risk but saving people’s lives.

What did I like about this movie?
Ant-Man is not my favourite Marvel movie but I always liked Scott’s character. He is very gentle and his daughter means everything to him. In addition he has a down-to-earth kind of personality and feels he responsible for other people as well.
In addition the whole movie is very funny. Not just Scott but his co-worker Luis will make you pee in your pants if you are not careful.

Who do I recommend it for?
I recommend this movie to all Marvel fans, because it’s essential for them (Who do I want to kid? Us!) Also if you are looking for a comedy with a lot of action scenes.

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And what about the 4D?
As a huge cinema fan I always wanted to try watching a movie in 4D. In Hungary you can only find this kind of opportunity in the capital, Budapest. So during my mini-holiday I decided make my dream come true. The ticket costs three times more than a regular one but it’s OK, because we are having hardcore fun, right? After entering I got a regular 3D glasses (That I have to put on top of my regular glasses. You can imagine how much fun that is.). The movie starts with a car hunt and when it all began my seat began to move. Up and down, from side to side, sometimes in circles. I felt like sitting roller-coaster rather than in the cinema. But it was new. Then smoke came out and an air cannon brushed my earlobe and my legs (That made me jump… twice… hard… with a shout…). I remember never letting to of the seat’s rail. All in all I’m glad I tried 4D but it rather put me off than making me feel like I was actually in the movie.
Now I’m thinking… Should I try IMAX?

Ballet on TV

Just like every little girl I always dreamed of wearing a tutu and dancing flawlessly on pointe shoes. Then when I became 12 I began jazz ballet and modern dancing. Then I did some ballroom dancing and salsa and I only got to do ballet at 17 and then at 20 and 24… and I have never said proper goodbye to ballet because I always consider going back. For me ballet is the most beautiful form of dancing.

Here are my favourite ballet movies of all time:

My ultimate favourite is Billy Elliot. The story features a young boy who has to take ballet classes by accident and begins to like it more he thought before. He becomes torn between his father and his love for dance. Elton John liked the movie so much he succeeded to convert the story into a musical.

This story is about three sisters who decide to write their names into history books. Ballet shoes features Emma Watson as an actress, Lucy Boynton as a ballerina and Yasmin Paige as an explorer.

Natalie Portman received the Oscar for her leading role in Black Swan. The actress practiced a lot and lost a serious amount of weight to play this role.

First position is kind of an exception because it is more of a documentary rather than a movie. I recommend this movie to you if you are really interested in ballet. I still follow the journey of Aran Bell and Miko Fogarty.

12 youngsters enter the American Ballet Academy to find out if they really can make it as a ballet dancer. Center Stage is for a casual weekend.

And here are my favourite two ballet series:

If you thought that ballet is only about tutus and pirouettes, this series will change your mind completely. Flesh ans bone slaps you in the face by presenting jealousy, vanity, aggression and anger that surrounds the every day lives of dancers.

Amy Sherman-Palladino, the writer of Gilmore girls released her next series, Bunheads in 2012 that features Broadway actress, Sutton Foster and four teenage girls who are friends and although they don’t have a lot of things in common, their love for dancing binds them together and solves their problems.


Where is Lush coming from?
Lush is a British brand that was founded in 1995. The company produces vegan and handmade products from organic ingredients and essential oils. Its main goals are protecting animals and saving the environment. Doing so they never test the items on animals. Besides that the company always tries to bring attention to endangered species by donating money with charity boxes. And the environmentally friendly part mean that most of the products are packaging free or if it needs wrapping, a simple paper bag can do the trick. If the product needs to be contained in something, because it’s liquid based, a jar that is made from recycled plastic is used. They also sell canvas bags or scarves that are made from organic cotton or recycled plastic bottles.

How did I meet the products?
Honestly I only got to know about the brand from my favourite Youtubers, because Lush stores can only be found in the Hungarian capital and nowhere else. When I went to Budapest this month, I decided to visit a shop to find out, is it worth the hype? When I entered the store and orgy of wonderful scents hit me in the head and it was amazing. The shop assistants asked what kind of products I was looking for, what my skin types and problems were and they suggested things to me based on this. They explained certain ingredients and let me test all of the products before deciding what I wanted to buy.

What kind of products did I buy?
I wanted to treat myself with luxurious baths for relaxation so I first tried a set of bath bombs because these are the products Lush is most famous for and they had incredible smell.

Sex Bomb
This bath bomb had the most amazing smell of all of them. It has purple and pink colours and there is a small rose on top of it that blooms at the end of the bath. It contains yasmine, ylang ylang and soy milk. The water became marble-like when it melted away. I felt beautiful while reading my magazine in that Sunday evening.

This one in not a usual one, because it is a jelly bomb so it softens the skin. The products contains small drops of agar agar pieces to remind us that many turtles die from eating plastic from the ocean. The product has sandalwood and pine smell. I also tried massaging a part of it into my skin to make it more soft.

Obviously this one was inspired by the cherry blossom in Japan. It contains mimosa, jasmine essential oils with orange-blossom and citric oil. It gave a very flowery and refreshing experience.

Would I buy Lush products again?
I was very satisfied with my first set of Lush products. The only problem is that they are not cheap (and I’m being modest here). So I wouldn’t be able to buy all of my beauty products (soaps, shampoo, shower gel, face cream, face masks and body lotion) from Lush for an every day use. So they will remain the luxury treat for me. I will use them when I feel blue and want to treat myself.

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My fashion dreams

When I go shopping or pack for a vacation I always make lists not to forget anything. And sometimes I make lists of things that I truly wish for. Just like other fashion enthusiasts I have fabulous things in my imaginary closet. But what are the most desired things I want to own or do that are related to fashion?

First of course I once would love to go to the Fashion Week in Paris.

I would love to wear an haute couture dress such as this one from Dior…:

… and wear the perfect Manolo Blahnik’s to the dress:

There is never enough of shoes, bags and accessories, so I would have a pair of shoes from Hungarian designer, Reka Vago:

I would love to have quality luggage from Louis Vuitton:

I would love to have a classic Burberry scarf…:

… a Birkin Bag from Hermés…:

… a tweed jacket from Chanel…:

… and the perfect black dress from Givenchy:

This list may seem to much or just a cliché, but I think there shouldn’t be excuses for what we wish to wear, because it expresses who we really are.


My first ramen

The original ramen is a noodle soup that comes from Japan. The noodles are specially made from white flour and the broth is usually made from chicken or pork. When the basics are ready, other ingredients are added such as meat (mostly pork), mushrooms, onions, eggs, bamboo and nori (which is dried sea algae). The combination possibilities are endless that resulted in all different regions having their own ramen in Japan. The idea of this dish spread through Asia, so it easy to find it in China, Taiwan or Korea, but it has also been introduced to the other parts of the world.

I myself always wanted to try ramen. I am a huge fan of all kinds of soups and Asian food of course. Unfortunately I couldn’t try it in my hometown, although it has many great Asian restaurants. On my last trip to the Hungarian capital, I decided to fulfill my dream. I attended a restaurant and only asked for a bowl of ramen. I chose the vegetarian version first to feel completely safe. A couple of minutes later my long waiting has ended. I recieved a huge (I mean like half a liter), colourful, messy but still beautiful bowl of food. And then I fell in love with a soup. I’m not ashamed to admit it. Shitake mushroom, zucchini, carrots and different types of onions gave a tasteful and not to mention healthy lunch for me.

And this is how my story with ramen ends. I hope only for now, because I’m ready to try all the other types!

Frida Kahlo exhibition in Budapest

Hungarian National Gallery
2 Szent György tér, 1014 Budapest
Opening hours: Closed on Mondays! Tuesday-Sunday 10.00-18.00
Tickets: 900-1800 HUF
Click here for more information!

It has long been my dream to see one of my most beloved painter’sí Frida Kahlo’s painting with my own eyes so I were over the moon to learn that her pieces of artwork came to Hungary. Mexico is not in the neighborhood you know…
The exhibition starts with a timeline where people can find out the main events of the artist’s life with pictures side by side Mexico’s history. On the next wall there is the iconic Vogue cover shot of Frida that featured an interview in 1937. The photo was taken by Nickolas Muray, an American photographer with Hungarian origins. The two of them were lovers from 1931 to 1941 and remained in good terms even after they ended the relationship. In one of the last rooms there is a copy of the handwritten and very emotional love letter Frida wrote to Nickolas in Hungarian.
When you go further to the exhibition and enter the colourful rooms you will get a feeling of being in Mexico yourself. Some of the paintings you can find are: The Broken Column (1944), My Nurse and I (1937), Portrait of Dona Rosita Morillo (1944), Portrait of Alejandro Gómez Arias, Frida’s first love (1928) and Self Portrait with Small Monkey (1945), the picture that became the symbol of this current exposure. Besides the paintings some of the artist’s personal things are displayed. Such as a handmade painting of Frida and Diego and some Mexican statues as well.
The last room contains a montage called Frida mania where you will face the effect of this iconic woman on the world. She inspired so many people and will keep doing so until the world is still moving.

Take a look at the exhibition! 🙂


This ain’t no typo! Because today I’m sharing my lime version of lemonade with you for the last days of this hot summer.

– 0,5 l water (cold or put some icecubes in the mixture)
– juice of half a lemon
-a teaspoon of brown sugar

What to do next?
Mix all of these together and enjoy your drink!

I like this recipe very much because it’s more special than regular lemonade. At the end this mixture will have a cocktail-kind of taste without alcohol. You get a great amount of vitamin C and a refreshing drink. What else would you need?

Bon appétit!