Lush II.

After my very first visit to a Lush store in Budapest I grew to like the brand very much and started experimenting with several types of their products. Click here if you are interested in my first impression. Here are the products I tried:

This is actually a solid shampoo bar that was made from sea salt, algaes with lemon scent. I asked the shop assistant what she recommended for my hair that gets greasy quickly. The bar lasted for 40 washes alltogether. It may seem like a wierd way to wash your hair but this product foams very quckly, takes up a small place in your bathroom and has no packaging.

Mask of Magnaminty
This face and body mask contains peppermint oil that gives a very refreshing feeling with honey and milk, that are both great for hydration. I use this product once a week for 15-20 minutes and it has a great cleaning and softening effect. One of my favourite products!

Over and over
Of course I had to try new bathbombs! Over and over has a citrus smell from lemon and fennel. It gives chearful yellow and orange colours to your bath. I recommend it in summer when it can be more refreshing.

Charity Pot
If you buy this hand- and bodycream, Lush expend all the incomes to orgranisations that fight for the environment. The cream has a very nice texture and it hydratesthe skin  well. It contains olive oil, jojoba oil and shea butter.

Buck’s Fizz (the orange one on the picture)
This is a packaging free body conditioner you can use during shower. Use the product as a soap on your skin and only wash it off a couple of minutes later. At first I considered it wierd but my skin became very soft at the end. It works like a lotion but it is better than using a shower gel because that dries the skin. The product contains grapefruit and orange blossom oil.

I have to say this is the best bath bomb ever! After releasing yellow, blue and purple colours to the bath, the remaining water will look just like the night sky: dark blue with glitter that looks like millions of stars. Absolutely magnificent! The bomb has an amazing smell from grapefruit and peppermint oil.

What do I think now about Lush products?
After the third (or fourth?) round of shopping at Lush, I generally think that products may be more expensive but have better quality than others. I will regularly use the solid shampoo bar and the face mask, they are absolutely fantastic!

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Giorgio Armani: Acqua di Gioia

‘The difference between style and fashion is quality.’ /Giorgio Armani/

About the brand
Giorgio Armani is a worldwide known haute couture designer from Italy. He was born in 1934 and first he studied medicine and wanted to become a doctor.  After his military years he started working as a window dresser and he founded his own brand, Armani in 1975.
He designed the costumes for more than 200 movies during his career.
He was the first designer to ban models whose weight was under 18 BMI.
Armani is good friends with actress Cate Blanchett. Two of the most expensive dresses of all time were designed by Armani, worn by Blanchett and were encrusted with Swarovski crystals. She wore the first one in 2007 and the second one in 2014 to the Oscars. The actress is currently the face of the Sí perfume.
The Armani Beauty brand consists mainly of perfumes, makeup and skincare products.

About the scent
Acqua di Gioia was released in 2010 and it is still available for customers.
It is classified as a floral aquatic scent.
Heart notes: Jasmine, aquatic note
Top notes: Crushed mint leaves, Limone Primo Fiore Feminello
Base notes: Cedarwood heart, brown sugar, labdanum

The perfume was first advertised with Victoria’s Secret model, Emily DiDonato.

In 2016 Hungarian supermodel, Barbara Palvin became an Armani Beauty Ambassador and she started to become the face of the Gioia collection.

My opinion
I’ve been spending my first Glamour Days in the capital with two of my best friends and our shopping trip lead us to Marionnaud. After tiring our noses with basically all the scents in the store, I found the one I was looking for.
Acqua di Gioia is fresh and earthy but still has something very luxurious about it. It is the perfect choice from spring to autumn.
Funny thing that it also came with a red beauty bag. Red is one of my favourite colours and it is so elegant! It has the label tag with golden in the front and it came in a black carrier. I know what you think… who needs a bag for a bag? Well, you don’t know you need it until you have it!
So altogether, Glamour Days 2018, you’ve made my heart melt but by wallet cry.

Where can it be found? 

Official website



Where is Lush coming from?
Lush is a British brand that was founded in 1995. The company produces vegan and handmade products from organic ingredients and essential oils. Its main goals are protecting animals and saving the environment. Doing so they never test the items on animals. Besides that the company always tries to bring attention to endangered species by donating money with charity boxes. And the environmentally friendly part mean that most of the products are packaging free or if it needs wrapping, a simple paper bag can do the trick. If the product needs to be contained in something, because it’s liquid based, a jar that is made from recycled plastic is used. They also sell canvas bags or scarves that are made from organic cotton or recycled plastic bottles.

How did I meet the products?
Honestly I only got to know about the brand from my favourite Youtubers, because Lush stores can only be found in the Hungarian capital and nowhere else. When I went to Budapest this month, I decided to visit a shop to find out, is it worth the hype? When I entered the store and orgy of wonderful scents hit me in the head and it was amazing. The shop assistants asked what kind of products I was looking for, what my skin types and problems were and they suggested things to me based on this. They explained certain ingredients and let me test all of the products before deciding what I wanted to buy.

What kind of products did I buy?
I wanted to treat myself with luxurious baths for relaxation so I first tried a set of bath bombs because these are the products Lush is most famous for and they had incredible smell.

Sex Bomb
This bath bomb had the most amazing smell of all of them. It has purple and pink colours and there is a small rose on top of it that blooms at the end of the bath. It contains yasmine, ylang ylang and soy milk. The water became marble-like when it melted away. I felt beautiful while reading my magazine in that Sunday evening.

This one in not a usual one, because it is a jelly bomb so it softens the skin. The products contains small drops of agar agar pieces to remind us that many turtles die from eating plastic from the ocean. The product has sandalwood and pine smell. I also tried massaging a part of it into my skin to make it more soft.

Obviously this one was inspired by the cherry blossom in Japan. It contains mimosa, jasmine essential oils with orange-blossom and citric oil. It gave a very flowery and refreshing experience.

Would I buy Lush products again?
I was very satisfied with my first set of Lush products. The only problem is that they are not cheap (and I’m being modest here). So I wouldn’t be able to buy all of my beauty products (soaps, shampoo, shower gel, face cream, face masks and body lotion) from Lush for an every day use. So they will remain the luxury treat for me. I will use them when I feel blue and want to treat myself.

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All the beauty products I bought in Croatia

Got a little carried away while I was having a vacation in Zadar, Croatia. To elongate the spa experience I decided to buy some beauty products for home as well. 

First of all I went to Müller, which I don’t have in my own town and I always get excited when I can visit a store.
I bought 3 face masks…:
Garnier SkinActive Anti-Pickel Thermo Maske
Schaebens Totes Meer Maske
CadeaVera Young Pink-Flamingo Zuckerwatte Maske

…a L’Oréal rouge…:
Cream 104 Mafia Gloss

…and a body lotion:
Aveo Olive & Lemongrass

As we were to enter Krka National Park in Skradin I saw a Lush shop that I definitely wanted to enter the first time ever. I bought a soap called Respect Your Elders that I just couldn’t use since. It has such a great smell, I keep it next to my bed to have a sniff whenever I want.

The day before we were travelling home, I stopped at the L’Occitane en Provence to buy myself a goodie bag that contains these items:
Verveine Lait Frais
Verveine Gelée de Douche Fraiche
Verveine Agrumes
I also got gifts:
Gel Douche Verveine (50 ml)
Lait Corporel Verveine (50 ml)
Créme Ultra Déseltérante (sample)
Eau Essentielle (sample)

Can’t wait to try all of them!

All the beauty products I bought in Croatia

Beauty is everywhere

Call me a romantic but I truly think that beauty surrounds us everywhere we go.

It happened in 2016 when Palestine ballet dancer Rima Baransi travelled to Triest with her family. They were walking down a street when they saw a street musician playing the theme song of Amélie. Rima’s father encouraged her to dance and this spontaneous and magical performance happened:

The violinist’s name is Ivo Remenec and he is from Slovakia. The video of the performance spread worldwide and reached millions of views, so it was obvious people wanted to see the magic happen again. The two artists were invited to Dublin this year. Same song, same performers:

The message of the story is for all of you see the world with a child’s eye and discover the beauty that is all around.

Chech out Rima’s Instagram here.

Photography books II.: Mihaela Noroc

Mihaela Noroc: The Atlas of Beauty

This 32-year old photographer from Bucharest has been travelling all around the world in the last couple of years to take pictures of beautiful women. Singapore, France, Brazil, Iran, Tibet, Ecuador, Myanmar and Mexico are just few of the places she has already visited. According to Mihaela’s Instagram, she is currently in India to ‘explore the unnoticed beauty which lies in people around us’.
She also tells stories about the women she photographs. What it is like to be working as living statues in Ukraine? What it is like to live with a birthmark on your cheek? What are the days like in a refugee camp? These stories reflect not only the situation of women, but also the world we currently live in. What we only consider today an anecdote will become history tomorrow.

Follow Mihaela on her journey:
The Atlas of Beauty (Official)
The Atlas of Beauty (Instagram)
The Atlas of Beauty (Facebook)

My skincare routine

Before we go further, let’s get some things straight. First of all, I have to state that everyone should use skincare products that suits their skin type. Mine is dry and sensitive, so if yours isn’t, don’t take advice from my habits. If you don’t know your skin type yet, consult with a dermatologist. And the second thing is, this is not a sponsored post.

Every morning when I wake up, I wash my face with cold water. It may sound harsh, but it wakes and freshens me up. After drying it with a clean towel, I use a face cream called Love Nature Gel Cream that contains aloe vera from Oriflame, because it hydrates my skin well. In the evening, I use Garnier’s Micellar Cleansing Water to remove my mascara and I also use it for cleaning my face. When I’m taking a shower, I always wash my face with a simple soap to clean my pores. After that I put on the same cream I used in the morning. Twice a week I use Garnier’s Pure Active Exfobrusher. For other parts of my body I use Nivea Care Intensive Pflege. I have to take special care of my hands because I have to sterilize it many times a day, so before I fall asleep I put Nivea Creme on my hands. In the summer, I use La Roche-Posay sunscreen that has 50 sun protection factor.

What else can you do to take care of your skin?
Don’t smoke.
Don’t go to solariums.
Don’t get sunburnt a lot because it increases the risk of having melanoma.
Hydrate your skin inside and outside by drinking enough water every day and buy using hydrating products.
Don’t use too much mascara. Or if you do, make sure to remove it completely every night.
Sleep at least 7 hours a day.