Ballet on TV

Just like every little girl I always dreamed of wearing a tutu and dancing flawlessly on pointe shoes. Then when I became 12 I began jazz ballet and modern dancing. Then I did some ballroom dancing and salsa and I only got to do ballet at 17 and then at 20 and 24… and I have never said proper goodbye to ballet because I always consider going back. For me ballet is the most beautiful form of dancing.

Here are my favourite ballet movies of all time:

My ultimate favourite is Billy Elliot. The story features a young boy who has to take ballet classes by accident and begins to like it more he thought before. He becomes torn between his father and his love for dance. Elton John liked the movie so much he succeeded to convert the story into a musical.

This story is about three sisters who decide to write their names into history books. Ballet shoes features Emma Watson as an actress, Lucy Boynton as a ballerina and Yasmin Paige as an explorer.

Natalie Portman received the Oscar for her leading role in Black Swan. The actress practiced a lot and lost a serious amount of weight to play this role.

First position is kind of an exception because it is more of a documentary rather than a movie. I recommend this movie to you if you are really interested in ballet. I still follow the journey of Aran Bell and Miko Fogarty.

12 youngsters enter the American Ballet Academy to find out if they really can make it as a ballet dancer. Center Stage is for a casual weekend.

And here are my favourite two ballet series:

If you thought that ballet is only about tutus and pirouettes, this series will change your mind completely. Flesh ans bone slaps you in the face by presenting jealousy, vanity, aggression and anger that surrounds the every day lives of dancers.

Amy Sherman-Palladino, the writer of Gilmore girls released her next series, Bunheads in 2012 that features Broadway actress, Sutton Foster and four teenage girls who are friends and although they don’t have a lot of things in common, their love for dancing binds them together and solves their problems.