Best Star Wars outfits

A long time ago in a galaxy far far away fashion was actually more important than you think. If you read the title and immediately thought about Princess Leia in the golden bikini, I have to disappoint you, because that is not that kind of blog post. Here I listed all those visionary costumes that made an impact on fashion later on.

But first let’s be thankful for John Mollo, Trisha Biggar and Michael Kaplan, the brilliant visionaries behind these artwork. (I may not mentioned all of the designers because I only found their names so far.)

To avoid copyright problems, I’m just going to link in the official Star Wars Instagram photos.

First of all, let’s take a look at Amidala (Nathalie Portman), who looks like a medieval princess. And the buns are the true reminder of the iconic Leia hairstyle.

Amidala’s wedding dress with lace and pearls we can simply call artwork. (Nathalie Portman)

Who said a hero can’t be pretty? Princess and warrior at the same time (Carrie Fisher).

Admiral Holdo’s (Laura Dern) dress is simply magnificent with that cape. And the turtleneck makes it even more special. #superherovibes

Iconic hairstyle with classic white princess dress. (Carrie Fisher)

And the newer version of the dress. Slim fitted and still comfortable enough to shoot droids while running in it. (Nathalie Portman)

I absolutely loved Emilia Clarke’s outfits in Solo movie. The picture doesn’t show much of the dress, but it’s black, long with a V neckline and a statement necklace and a matching belt. It would come through on the red carpet as well.

Leather is the new white in Solo. (Emilia Clarke)

And last but not least, Amidala’s ruler dress has some Aisan features and the colour red expresses power. (Nahtalie Portman)

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