Fashion history I.: Medieval noble dresses

As I was walking around in the Castle of Siklós, I couldn’t help but notice the amazing dresses that were displayed on wax statues everywhere. Those big skirts made me think how lazily we are dressing ourselves these days compared to that.

What did I learn from the exhibition?
Velvet, baize, linen, silk, lace and brocade were the most common materials for noble clothes.
There was no difference in the colour palette of men’s and women’s clothing. Green, yellow and red were the most populatar colours.
All of women’s dresses had a massive puckered skirt and the sleeves of the upper gament were getting wider from the elbow to the wrist.
The decorating elements on women’s clothing in general were lace, embroidery and pearls.
Decorated headpieces made the outfit complete. Only maidens could walk in the town with uncovered hair.
Jewelry were made of gold, silver and gemstones.
Men wore tight trousers with shirt and a coat on top of that.
The coat’s margin was covered with some kind of fur (such as marten, sable or ermine).
The accesories of men were the decorated buttons on their jacket.

Best of Met Gala dresses 2018

On 7th May the annual fundraising event of the Metropolitan Museum in New York took place. The ball is the initiative event of the year’s fashion exhibition. It’s a very high profile event full of celebrities. Each year the ball has a theme and this year it was ‘Heavenly Bodies: Fashion and the Catholic Imagination’ and holy moly it was spectacular! Here are the dresses I liked the most:

(To avoid any copyright problems, I’m just going to link in the Instagram photos of the celebrities they posted about themselves.)

Blake Lively as usual looks like a goddess, this time with a medieval twist.

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Winter is coming 🏰🐉❄️🐺🏰

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Zendaya dressed as Joan of Arc is the most creative outfit.

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Art in art. Ariana Grande wore a dress with the Sistine Chapel on it designed by Vera Wang.

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I went to da met and was super Italian

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Only Rihanna can rock a Pope inspired outfit.

I always have some doubts when it comes to combining green with blue or pink and red. But I absolutely love Katherine Langford‘s cape:

Gigi Hadid looks like a beautiful swan. Or a flower. Or both.

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stained glass by @versace 👼🏼

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Let us stop for a moment to admire Anne Hathaway‘s red dress and that headpiece:

This is how the ‘Queen of the Earth’ would look like. Spectacular, Rita Ora!