All the beauty products I bought in Croatia

Got a little carried away while I was having a vacation in Zadar, Croatia. To elongate the spa experience I decided to buy some beauty products for home as well. 

First of all I went to Müller, which I don’t have in my own town and I always get excited when I can visit a store.
I bought 3 face masks…:
Garnier SkinActive Anti-Pickel Thermo Maske
Schaebens Totes Meer Maske
CadeaVera Young Pink-Flamingo Zuckerwatte Maske

…a L’Oréal rouge…:
Cream 104 Mafia Gloss

…and a body lotion:
Aveo Olive & Lemongrass

As we were to enter Krka National Park in Skradin I saw a Lush shop that I definitely wanted to enter the first time ever. I bought a soap called Respect Your Elders that I just couldn’t use since. It has such a great smell, I keep it next to my bed to have a sniff whenever I want.

The day before we were travelling home, I stopped at the L’Occitane en Provence to buy myself a goodie bag that contains these items:
Verveine Lait Frais
Verveine Gelée de Douche Fraiche
Verveine Agrumes
I also got gifts:
Gel Douche Verveine (50 ml)
Lait Corporel Verveine (50 ml)
Créme Ultra Déseltérante (sample)
Eau Essentielle (sample)

Can’t wait to try all of them!

All the beauty products I bought in Croatia