Fashion history I.: Medieval noble dresses

As I was walking around in the Castle of Siklós, I couldn’t help but notice the amazing dresses that were displayed on wax statues everywhere. Those big skirts made me think how lazily we are dressing ourselves these days compared to that.

What did I learn from the exhibition?
Velvet, baize, linen, silk, lace and brocade were the most common materials for noble clothes.
There was no difference in the colour palette of men’s and women’s clothing. Green, yellow and red were the most populatar colours.
All of women’s dresses had a massive puckered skirt and the sleeves of the upper gament were getting wider from the elbow to the wrist.
The decorating elements on women’s clothing in general were lace, embroidery and pearls.
Decorated headpieces made the outfit complete. Only maidens could walk in the town with uncovered hair.
Jewelry were made of gold, silver and gemstones.
Men wore tight trousers with shirt and a coat on top of that.
The coat’s margin was covered with some kind of fur (such as marten, sable or ermine).
The accesories of men were the decorated buttons on their jacket.

Madame Tussauds Vienna

5. Reisenradplatz, 1020 Wien
Opening hours: Open every day! 10:00-20:00
Tickets: 13.8-30 EUR
Click here  for more information!

Who was Madame Tussaud?
Anna Maria Tussaud was an artist, who made her sculptures from wax in the 18th century. She was born in France, but then lived most of her life in Switzerland and England. She founded her first exhibition on Baker Street, London. Although she lived 200 years ago, the brand she established is more popular than ever. Madame Tussauds museums can be found on 4 continents: Europe, Asia, America and Australia.

I visited the one in Vienna, and it was a superb experience! The ticket is really pricey, but it’s worth it. You can look into the eyes of historical figures (Sissi, Maria Theresia and Napoleon), politicians (Queen Elizabeth II, the Dalai Lama and Barack Obama), celebrities (Leonardo DiCaprio, Johnny Depp and Angelina Jolie), musicians (Lady Gaga, Katy Perry and Michael Jackson) and artists (Beethoven, Hundertwasser and Klimt).

Here are my favourite sculptures from Madame Tussauds Vienna: