15 things I learnt about Switzerland

After getting a taste of Italy, Austria, Croatia, Slovenia, Spain, Poland, Slovakia, the Czech Republic, and Hungary of course, we are moving to the beautiful Switzerland. I was 13 years old on a 10-day bus trip with my parents and this is the only family vacation of which we don’t have our own pictures. Because for a camera it’s the best time to fall apart while you are visiting landscapes and cities in Switzerland… so we have pictures of stranger people and we are smiling happily on every 30th picture. Even though this happened I remember enjoying Switzerland a lot.

  1. The Swiss Confideration is a sovereign state and it consists of 26 cantons. It is surrounded by Germany, France, Italy, Austria and Lichtenstein.
  2. The country was founded in 1291 and its population is about 8 million people.
  3. The official languages are German, French, Italian and Romansh.
  4. The capital is Bern and the most popular tourist sights are Zürich, Geneva, Lausanne, Lucerne and Basel.
  5. Switzerland is a very rich country. Banking industry and tourism are the major fields of their economy.
  6. When it comes to Swiss national dishes fondue comes to most people’s mind. During the cold days in the mountains the Swiss invented fondue to eat cheese and bread.
  7. Raclette, Rosti and Meingue also came from this region and let us not forget Swiss chocolate! Lindt, Milka, Nestlé, Moser Roth… seems like they know all that must be known about chocolate. They are one of the world’s biggest exporters.
  8. Swiss inventions include muesli, milk chocolate, potato peeler, cellophane and LSD.
  9. Famous Swiss people include Daniel Bernoulli, Jean-Jacques Rousseau, Carl Jung, Elisabeth Külber-Ross, Siegfried Wagner, Hermann Rorschach, Friedrich Dürrenmatt and Roger Federer.
  10. E=mc2, the theory of relativity was born in Bern during Einstein’s stay at 1905.
  11. The Swiss Guard, the bodyguards of the Pope all come from Switzerland and they wear the same uniform since the 16th century.
  12. The world’s largest physics lab, CERN can be found is in Geneva. If you are a Big Bang Theory fan, the Hadron Collider will sound familiar to you. The CERN scientists who discovered the Higgs-Boson particle received a Nobel Prize in 2013.
  13. Switzerland has many natural beauties (there are 208 mountains and 1500 lakes!) so filmmakers often choose to shoot some scenes for a movie. Angels and Demons, The Girl with The Dragon Tattoo, Star Wars III and Goldeneye are just a few of the list.
  14. Even though peple can own a gun in Switzerland and assisted suicide is legal, the country has the second longest life expectancy in the world (the first one is Japan). The country has the highest doctors to patients’ ratios in the world
  15. Empress Elisabeth of Austria (who was also Queen of Hungary) was assassinated by Luigi Lucheni in 1898 in Geneva. The murderer used a small and narrow grater but the Sissi died hours later because her corset was so tight the bleeding was very slow. A statue stands there as a reminder of the horrible event.